Wednesday, January 26, 2011

You'd think...

You'd think as field guides or game rangers (or what ever the heck we're called these days) that we'd look where we're driving, right? Wrong? Found 1 x pregnant chameleon squished on the reserve road this afternoon. It just makes me sad. This morning on the way to the shop, we pulled over for one on the tar road. Will picked her up and I suggested we remove her from the village. Unfortunately, a lot of locals do not like them much and will kill them for the sake of killing. And because of the African folk stories about them. We also think it was a female cause she was quite large and really fat. The book says they rarely come to ground and when they do, it is usually so the female can lay her eggs in the ground. I let her walk up and down my arms and hands while we drove just out the village. She was very relaxed. When they get angry, they go really dark, and they puff out their throat. She did neither. We released her just outside the village, as far in as we could go, considering the fence blocking us from the reserve. Aaah, another day in Africa!

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